The challenges of sourcing and logistics are numerous – and no one has time for discrepancies. Over the years we have developed tried and true solutions to the challenges we face with getting the right parts and products to the right places. With our refined techniques, no one does it better than us.

  • PGC has a secure, well-staffed and responsive logistics facility
  • PGC has perfected the art of recording data every tedious step of the way
  • PGC has live visibility from our online portal

Staging material when and where you need it has never been so easy!

At Pair Gain Communications, our goal is to empower decision makers. In today’s economic environment, it is crucial to function with agility and precision. If your organization needs customized logistics, you can depend on PGC to provide consistent services that are tailored to your specific needs.

PGC’s logistical service includes:

  • Web based visibility of material status
  • The ability to perform web based callout requests
  • Bill of Material upload interface
  • Material Receiving
  • Material Staging
  • On-Site Storage
  • Transportation & Delivery

“Not incidental, but intentional”